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Compers' Creatures (Gallery 1)

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Hi, I'm Astra Lancaster (just plain Astra to my friends). I currently reside with Marina and Michael. However, before they got married I lived with Marina and her Mum and Dad. Marina originally acquired me from a farm in Lancaster in the summer of 1990 - which explains part of my name! The Astra came from the fact that Marina's mother was shocked that I was always climbing up everywhere and jumping on people's shoulders; so hence, Astra - ie, trying to reach the stars! Hmmm, I suppose I could have been called Gizmo Spog as Marina's Dad wanted so maybe Astra is ok.

My name is Aitong and I am living in Kenya. I belong to Robert Moss and he even has the documents to prove it! He won me in one of the Nouvelle competitions.

Hi, we are Lucy and Molly. We are two West Highland Terriers who belong to Barbara Rose. She calls us her 'two Health & Safety protectors' because, whatever the problems, our long seaside walks and our amazing ability to detect moods is a great tonic to her.

Hi, I'm Casper and my owner is Panda. My brother and I were abandoned when our previous 'owner' moved house. Unfortunately Panda could not catch my brother but brought me back to stay with them. The first step was to give me a bath and I did NOT appreciate it. I disgraced myself all over the carpet in revenge! After a couple of weeks they tried to book me in at the Vet - that morning I escaped and ran away. Over the course of the next year Panda discovered where I had moved to - an old car a few streets away, and someone else had adopted me. This man eventually had the old car removed from his garden and so I was homeless again so I decided to go back to Panda - I just came in through the cat door as if I had never been away. Arrangements were quickly made to have me neutered and I am now a fat, loveable house-cat and to my new owner's knowledge go no further than the garden.

Hi, I'm Sam and I belong to Malc. Here's what Malc says about me.

Here's a pic of my Rockweiller of a cat called Sam (Lord and master of my computer chair), it's far safer and easier to move the chair and Sam from the computer and substitute another chair than to try and turf him out of it :-) although he looks docile and innocent

Good huh?

Hi, I'm Harriet and I belong to Beccy. This is what she has to say about me. "Harriet is 6 this year, we got her from the Blue Cross and she was tiny, she is still petite. I'd only had boy cats before and was planning to have a boy again, and callhim Harrison, but we fell for her and so called her Harriet, Harri for short. She catches the odd mouse but is generally well behaved, apart from sleeping on the ironing pile, and puts up with a lot from her tormentor, Tasha."

Hi, I'm Tasha and I also belong to Beccy. Beccy describes me thus - "Tasha is a labrador/collie cross, or as we like to think a labrador/wally cross. She is 4 months younger than Harri and is named after Tasha Yar from Star Trek.She came from a lady in the New Forest whose two labradors both got out to have a bit of fun with the collie up the road!!! She is disobedient, messy, muddy, a complete pain, she barks at birds or planes that dare to fly over the garden, but I love her dearly. She adores Harri and can't understand why Harri doesn't like being held down and licked."

Hi, my name is Willow and I belong to Suzanne Kirk. Suzanne says. "This is one of my cats. She is called Willow. She is a big ball of fluff,extremely friendly with everyone, loves cuddles and sleeps about 23 hours a day. She is wonderful with children and is best of friends with my baby daughter Laura . For cat owners like me who love to give their cats affection, she is perfect. No amount of fuss is too much."

Hi, I'm Jack and I belong to Jaimie and Alan.

Paddy Tibbit Emmy Tiger Winnie
"Deaks is watched over by four cats (Tiger, Tibbitt, Paddy & Winnie) and a dog, though technically Emmy the Yorkie is busy looking after his wife Tische. What puzzles all of them most is why their humans spend so much time sitting at their computers, when they could be opening tins of food or playing games with fluffy pretend mice, or in Emmy's case a squeeky fluffy carrot. They've all tried to help in this computer work, the cats have taken it in turn to press keys on the keyboard, only to be put on the floor. Emmy even tried to lick the stamps when Deaks asked the other week but she didn't like the taste."

Hi, I'm Malibu and I'm on the small one in the picture and we both belong to Lesley and her family. I am 6 months old and Lesley's daughter Tiffany wanted to call me Malibu Barbie but Lesley didn't fancy calling that from the doorstep! Next to me is Left who is twelve years old and who did have a twin called Right but that is another story.

Daisy Holly Jess
We are Roy and Val's cats and Roy says about us:- "These cats are all rescue cats (yes even the Siamese) and that they have been neutered because of the number of unwanted cats in the country."

This is Daisy and Donald, and yes they were named after the Disney characters. They have joint ownership of Gail, they are brother and sister and were found in the middle of Derbyshire miles from anywhere. Luckily there was nothing wrong with them and at a mere 10 weeks they were very lucky that my friend's boss spotted them on the road. They now rule the roost in our household and are slowly demolishing the house room by room. Ah bless them!

Hi, I'm Daisy. I keep getting called angel face, and cuty pie, but I can‘t understand why — Mum says it‘s cos I‘m a sweet little thing. I like to snuggle right up to her neck and lick her till she falls alseep. She says I have a podgy belly (from overeating) she just can‘t stop me — I say I‘m a larger little girl who shouldn‘t be made fun of. Mum thinks I like jumping for things so she keeps buying me toys that are things on string that she can swing in the air for me (to be quite honest I think she buys them for herself). Although, I do enjoy playing with these toys I much prefer to go out and play "lets chance the butterfly game• and ”lets see how quickly we can clear next doors pond•.

I'm Donald and I‘m a tom cat so never let it be forgotten. I pounce, I kill, I scratch and I do like to see those stringy things appear out of the sofa and chairs. Thing is though mum always shouts at me for stretching on those things — but I don‘t know why.

My favourite game in the house is to stand in the litter tray and scratch and scratch until all the litter flies of the top of the bowl, all over the kitchen floor. It‘s funny cos when I do it mum gets all upset again and she gets this monster thing out of a cupboard (I think it‘s a litter eater). Daisy doesn‘t care what it is as long as it goes away. Although we Tom‘s have to put on a brave act an all that I hate been too far from Mum. I can‘t wait for her to come home at night so we can watch telly together. She will lay on the sofa and watch that funny box thing in the corner of the room while I flop and drool all over her. See thing is if I do that whatever I‘ve destroyed during the day seems to be insignificant.

My favourite game is to chase one of my hundreds of balls around the house. I like to take them to bed with me as well. Well they make a nice noise on the skirting boards as I charge round the bedroom at night.

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