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Compers' Creatures (Gallery 2)

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Hello I am Harvey and Polgara belongs to me. I am 5 years old and Pol and her family let me choose them when they came to visit the RSPCA centre. I was called Hardy cos I had a sister called Laurel, but I didn't want to go with her when she chose her family. I was just 9 weeks old when I went to live with Pol.
I am a big softie and just love to curl up in Francesca's pram, much to Pol's annoyance. I love to torment Holly and if I think Pol is spending too much time on the pc or is ignoring me I walk all over her keyboard just to get her attention. I love to chase the seagulls out of my garden and get up to all sorts of mischief behind Pol's back.

Hello, I am Pol's other favourite person, Holly, I am a lab collie cross and she rescued me from an animal rescue centre when I was 1 year old. (I am only 1 1/2 now). I was a skinny little thing when I went to live with Pol and her family and Harvey used to frighten the life out of me, now though we get on just fine. (although he still doesn't like me when I want to play). I have just been told I have to go on a diet because I pinch too many of Tamsyn, Dominic and Francesca's sweeties although I think they give them to me I wouldn't pinch them. My favourite place to sleep is at Pol's feet under her computer desk and I like to keep reminding her I am there by licking her feet (she never wears any slippers). Contrary to popular belief I do actually like to go on walks although it does take me a while to get going cos I like my sleep too much. My favourite food is chocolate, and like Pol I am a certified chocaholic!!

Hello I am Tommy although I *am* a girl! As you can see from this photograph I own the dining room table!

I live with Aiden and Heather in Stevenage.

Hello, I am Suzie and I'm a Bichon Frise. The first picture (in the heart) is me at 7 weeks and the other one is me aged 1. According to my owner Tracey Allen, I'm a beautiful clever little dog that just loves to be cuddled and likes nothing better than sitting on her shoulders whilst she enters on-line competitions.

I am known as 'The Mistress' and belong to borntoloaf. I got my name because Mrs B thinks her hubbie lavishes more care and attention on me, and the loafer is the first to agree. Well wouldn't you: aren't I gorgeous! I'm a flat-coated retriever and lie on the bed next to Mr Loafer when he's busy not working away at Loafland. We're both inseparable and no wonder Mrs B's so jealous - I'm the "other women" in their marriage!

Here's a picture of Joe and Lulu who belong to Moon Willow. Lulu was a rescued cat and Joe was brilliant with her right from the moment I first introduced her to the household. They now snooze together for hours usually snoring in unison...
Hi, my name is Maisie and I belong to Zo.

I'm Poppy and belong to Michelle Conway. I'm a Yorkshire Terrier and live with Michelle and her partner Ian in Manchester. I was the best birthday present Michelle has ever received and she wouldn't swap me for anything. My favourite past times are sunbathing, sleeping and walking round the park. Click on my small picture for an even better *bigger* picture!

Hi, I'm Dexter and I came from Wood Green Animal Shelter! I'm very huggy with Claire, my owner. I'm a bit of a bully with Baz, I'm 2 years old and have the same birthday as Claire!

Hi, I'm Baz and also belong to Claire.

Hi, I'm Cinnamon and I belong to Claire too and am the Queen of the house! I'm 13 and I don't do much now except eat and sleep and take the occasional swipe at Dexter! You can click on our picturees for a bigger look!

Here's a photo of Brandy. He lived from April 1997-18th October 2005. He was with me from me being aged 10 to 18, so as you can imagine, we shared a lot together and I was very close to my dog.

He unfortunately was ill for months. When we went to the vet to find out what was wrong, they operated on him and found lots of tumours. We had him put down there and then for his sake, he had only weeks left and he was bleeding internally. But we thought he was just a bit ill and would be coming home that evening.

I cried for days and have lit a candle for him every Tuesday since.

But now I remember all the happy and funny times like when he saw snow for the first time and ate it as he walked, like a snow plough! So funny.

Natalie Peachey

This is a picture of Irene's beloved cat, Lucas. It would have been his eight birthday on the 5th December 2006 but he was taken poorly and had to be put to sleep three days later on the 8th December. Irene says,
"Lucas was our little boy from 8 weeks old. My husband bought him for me for Valentines Day.He was an oriental lilac siamese, the only siamese with green eyes, and could those eyes read you. He was mainly an indoor cat with a huge personality,could open doors, pat your shoulder and up he would jump and stayed whilst you walked around he was a very loving little boy and he is very missed, not only by us humans,but also by our 3 dogs whom he used to curl up with for a lazy afternoon. Night night little love xx"

Selene, one of the members on our forum, has sent a picture of her dog Sally which was taken a couple of weeks ago on her first trip to the sea side. She loved it and had great fun chasing the waves. Click on Sally's picture for a bigger photo of her.

This is a picture of Teenie's beloved dog, Pepper, who, sadly, passsed away recently. Teenie says,

"We didn't chose Pepper,he chose us as he came forward when we visited his home.We were lucky to have him in our family for 15yrs.

On his first visit to the beach he ran around us still attached to his extending leash so we ended up laughing as we tried to unwrap ourselves.

He knew when he was on his way to puppy training classes & even though we altered the route there he hid under the car seat & had to be carried inside the hall.He also used to hide behind the stage curtain.The dog trainer called him a mummy's boy!

After each meal he used to wipe his face on our carpet with his bottom in the air,how charming!

We will miss his character & welcoming home greetings & cuddles.

We were with him at the end & he knew we were there because his ears picked up when we spoke.

When we go on future walks we will 'take'him with us in our hearts.Pepper can 'visit' us at anytime he likes,until we meet again,Thank You for allowing us to be part of your life.

God Bless"

Twosocks says..

"Hi, my name is twosocks, and I am a 3 year old black and white cat. I live with samwin and her family in wiltshire, and one of my favourite pastimes is falling fast asleep in the walkway, to trip up my owners.."

Click on Twosocks' picture for a bigger photo of her.

"Hi, my name is Percy and I am an arab cross throughbred horse. I am 24 years young and have been with my mum for 16 years now. As you can tell from the picture I love having my nose tickled!"

Click on Percy's picture for a bigger photo of him.

"Hi, my name is Spirit and I am a Pedigree punk miniature lady Poodle. According to my owner, John, I am the life and soul of the house and bring happiness wherever I go."

Click on Spirit's picture for a bigger photo of her.

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