Ant and Dec's Saturday Takeaway

Marina & Michael's Saturday Night Takeaway

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Saturday 16th October 2004

Marina & Michael ready for their day out

I was up early in anticipation for our day out to London.
Had a lovely breakfast (poached eggs cooked by Dad!) but Michael wasn't up - told him I would take Dad to see Ant & Dec if he didn't get up soon!

We got ready and were taken to Northampton Railway Station and got the 9:30am train.

Arrived in London at Euston Station and, having found the Underground station,we made our way to Waterloo Station.

We walked to TV studios and took photo of the London Eye which we have been on before. Soon we found the TV studios and the audience entrance gate.

As we were quite early, we had a walk around to look at the few shops which are there.
Then we went to National Theatre and decided to have a meal there.
We ate at the Mezzanine Restaurant and I had a butternut squash ravioli followed by banana toffee pudding. Michael had chicken in a sauce that he said tasted like chocolate! For his dessert he had marbled chocolate tart and both desserts were served with sour cream which was very unusual.

Having finished, we went and sat by the River Thames and watched the world go by!
London Eye - Big isn't it?

Marina finds the entrance! At 3pm we walked back round to the tv studios and were surprised to see that there were already people waiting outside. Checked with the man on the gate that we were in the right place. The queue soon built up and it was very cold waiting outside. Got chatting to two girls (Alison & Jo) who had come from Sidcup in Kent just with 'standby tickets'. Eventually we were allowed in and all competition winners could go in and the standby ticket holders were left standing out in the cold.
Went in to the building and were taken in to a room with lots of seating, a bar, a balcony (mainly for smokers) which overlooked the River Thames. Then all the contestants had their photos taken wearing their funny hats, disguises, mascots etc. There were certainly some unusual sights including a sheep face, a Scottish hat with two men in kilts on top and one girl had made the words "I love Ant and Dec" out of the back of a cereal box! I was third in the line so quickly had my photo taken and then went and sat back down with Michael to watch everyone else having their photos taken. Saw another lady with a teddy bear. Contestants having their picture taken
In the second row! We waited around until just before 6pm and then we went to where we thought they would be letting us in to studios. We saw Little Ant and Dec go through some doors and Michael thought he saw one of Busted but it turned out to be a member of staff! Suddenly, we realised we were in the wrong place and they let everyone in another door to the studio! However, it worked out well as once they had filled up the middle part of the studio seating area they then started on the left-hand side so we were in the second row!
Managed to get a couple of pics of the studio (well we only took a pic once we saw other people were taking them!) before being told cameras and camera phones were not allowed. At about 6:40 Andy Collins (presenter of Family Fortunes) came out to be our 'warm-up' man and told us what the audience had to do. We had seen Andy hanging about earlier and kept trying to remember what we had seen him on. Andy

Then it was time for the show to start and before we knew it, there we were LIVE in the audience of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. We could not have asked for better seats - our side of the studio is where Ant & Dec do most of the chat. I was cheering even more when I heard that Little Ant & Dec had interviewed Sir Cliff for this week's show! It was such an amazing evening and went so quickly - when they did the "Win the Ads" section in the audience I thought 'that's odd, they are doing it early this week' and could not believe that the show was almost over. On the phone in for the 'Win the Ads' section Lee from Blue played 'Box the Box' and a lady from Bradford won a car - her name was Sharon De Souza. I wonder if she is on the newsgroup as her name sounds familiar?

The 'Busted get Busted' section was brilliant and Charlie looked so stunned when they read out his address on the Habit FM radio station! So, it was time for Dec to select a person from the audience to play 'Win the Ads' and it was Christine Bridges - the lady I had seen having a photo taken holding a teddy bear. She came down and looked really nervous and when she took part it seemed she could not even remember where she came from (Peterborough) so we were so pleased for her when she gambled her four prizes and won all 20 prizes!

Then it was time for the closing credits and from where we were sitting we could see everyone come back through the side door so Michael got close to Busted, Blue, Little Ant & Dec, Ant & Dec and all the Opportunity Knocks stars from 1987. I waved to Little Ant & Dec who looked very bemused by this!

Michael and I decided to let the studio clear a bit before making our way out so we sat down and had a drink. Andy was still about so I had my photo taken with him.


On making our way out I fainted so security came over and then called the nurse out. Nurse Barbara was lovely and put an ice pack on my neck, got me a sick bag and a bottle of water. Well, as I'm sitting there Ant & Dec come back through the studio to see one of their fans, in a wheelchair,who had been waiting at the top of the studio to see them. They looked at me and came over to see what had happened. I asked if I could have a photo and presumed that they would just let Michael take a quick pic before going on their way. They told me that they had to go and see some people at the top of the stairs but would come back and see me on their way back. I was very flattered when they did come back to see me and then stopped to have their photo taken with me. I did keep thanking them as I knew they had to get back to their aftershow party. I said "This will look good with me down here with all my paraphernalia" to which Dec replied "Don't worry, we'll come and sit with you so it just looks like we are all hanging out together" - I was so touched and when they left Dec even turned round to call out "I hope you feel better soon." I did assure Barbara that I had not fainted just to meet them but she knew that!

Ant & Dec!

Then I was wheeled out by security through the studios and Michael said he saw where they filmed "Have I Got News For You" and saw the backdrop sitting on the side. As I wheeled outside round to the front of the building I saw Jo and Alison still around. They stopped Michael to see what had happened to me but he didn't found out if they did get to see the show or not. (So if Alison or Jo happen to be reading this then please e-mail us and let us know if you did get in as we are worried about you standing out in the cold all that time! All we know is that they are from Sidcup Kent and work at a Day Nursery there!)

Finally fell into bed at midnight, extremely tired but could not have wished for a better day! I want to do it all again!!

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