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My Page, by Akash Merlin

Hello, my name is Akash; it was going to be Akash Merlot (Marina loves her Merlot!) but Michael said how about Merlin? However, these days I am just known as plain old Akash or if I'm naughty - Akasha the Trasher!

I was living at Yorkshire Animal Shelter when they held their Summer Fete on the 16th July 2006. That day my new owners saw me with my brothers and sister.

Marina came to my pen (no 16) and picked me up and gave me a cuddle. The man then told her that there would be some checks before she could take me home. It was on the 22nd July 2006 that Michael and Marina came to take me to my new home.

I was very small and very scared. They put me in the kitchen and I ran behind the washing machine. Marina was very upset and Michael had to dismantle the kitchen units to find me. Marina then sat and cuddled me and I began to purr. I think I knew then that I had found a good home.

Here I am as a kitten.As you can see, I had big ears but I have now grown into them.

Here I am exploring the garden.

I have lived with Marina and Michael for over a year now so I think I have them trained well!

You can see more pictures of me at http://www.anotherday.me.uk/akash

As for this photo......... be brave but take a look! Beware the tattoos!!!

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