This page is dedicated to the memory of our beloved cat, Astra Lancaster (1990 - 11th September 2004)
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My Page, by Astra Lancaster

Picture of Astra the cat, by the computer setup

Me in my computer room getting ready to have a look at
(I also let Mike and Marina use it as a study)

Miaouw and Hello to all you human readers!

My name is Astra Lancaster and I thought it was about time that the "true;" head of the household said a few words to the world!

My humans are Marina and Michael Chappell whom, as you have seen from the other pages, got married in 1996. However, before this I lived with Marina and she acquired me from a farm in Lancaster - which explains part of my name! The Astra came from the fact that Marina's mother was shocked that I was always climbing up everywhere and jumping on people's shoulders; so hence, Astra - ie, trying to reach the stars! Hmmm, I suppose I could have been called Gizmo Spog as Marina's Dad wanted so maybe Astra is ok. However, human Marina tends to call me other names as well like Buster, Pussman and, human Michael calls me Mr Puss and "hey, you get off my feet!".
I only do it for their own good you see; after all somebody has got to get them up each morning haven't they?

Well, as I said you humans think you control us (and the Internet) but I think you will find you are mistaken! (I think the Internet may control YOU!) Well, all I have to do is cry a little bit too much and there they are with my food bowl and I always have the best chair and sleep on their bed - hmmmmm, it's a lovely life.


Oh yes, this is me on my favourite chair about to take a humannap.

So, if there are any modelling agencies out there, I'm the cat for the job. I do great roly-poly moves for those carpet advertisements and I love Felix cat food, after all cats like Felix like Felix. Oh, this is too tiring - I'm off for that humannap I've been promising myself.

As for this photo......... be brave but take a look! Beware the tattoos!!!

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