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Welcome to our own private home page with links to the rest of our site.As you can see,things are getting a bit more organised now. Anyway, enough of the boring bits, just click away to your hearts content and we hope you find something of interest. If you do like this page and the rest of the site or feel it can be improved in any way, please sign the guest book and send us your comments.

By the way, if you like Mike's web page designs,see the Web Links page for the programs needed. Have fun!

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For those of you that are interested, we got married on the 14th September 1996 and the photos can be seen on our wedding page. Hopefully, we shall be able to upload the story of the day very shortly.

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Real Life getting you down?

If you are disillusioned with the nastiness of the real world today, forget it for an instant and join the happy bunch of cuddlers in the alt.cuddle newsgroup. We're a fun bunch and are never nasty to newbies. Click here for more information and a list of web pages of resident Cuddlelanders. Better still ask Sir Mark for the FAQ.

How to contact us

a post box Just click on the old postbox and send a letter whizzing its way to me by the glorious method we call email! Or if you wish, write to Marina, my wife.


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